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It is the clubs intention to run lessons for junior and adult players in 2019.   We have an LTA qualified coach who will run their first block of lessons with the club in Spring 2019. This will be a block of six weekly lessons starting on Sunday 25th May. Please fill in the lesson application form here and send back to coaching@broughtontennisclub.co.uk. The morning timetable and groupings will be confirmed once we know of demand across age groups. Each lesson will last for 30 minutes for pre-school children and 1 hour for all others. The total cost for the block of 6 is £9 for pre-school and £18 for all others.

The focus for this block of lessons is for Junior players, however if there is a demand from adults we will do our best to accommodate – either in this block, separately or in a future block.

Players do not have to be members to participate in the lessons in 2019 but we very much hope through enjoyment of the sport they do become members – Practice is Fun! Click here for membership form

For more information please contact us.

Email coaching@broughtontennisclub.co.uk

Become a member of British Tennis for a chance to be entered in a ballot for Wimbledon tickets

You can register to become a member of British Tennis LTA by clicking the link at the top right hand corner of their login page.  It is free for club members when linked to the club venue.  BROUGHTON & DISTRICT TENNIS CLUB (venue reference is SCO094).  Those members who previously registered for LTA membership will need to apply for British Tennis Membership and attach it to the BTS venue.

NOTE - The more club members we have registered this year and signing up for British Tennis membership the greater chance we have of being allocated more tickets for 2019.

Visit the British Tennis LTA website and register to become a member Visit the Wimbledon website Lessons